Sun 24 Feb 2013

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  • df89477: configurable "Template resource" (nao-pon)
    • about on-off & order of priority,on site.ini(site_default.ini)
      * Theme:          under themes/(theme)/templates/(file template)~
      * ThemeD3:        under themes/(theme)/templates/(trust based template)~ [#s654a991]
      * ThemeDefault:   under themes/(theme prefix)_default/templates/(file template)~ [#u244f884]
      * ThemeDefaultD3: under themes/(theme prefix)_default/templates/(trust based template)~ [#b6525cad]
      * DbTplSet:       DB template of the selected tplset [#wadc3c32]

      Default setting is



  • 69367e9: candidate for change is limited only to safemode (nao-pon)
  • 7d1376f: Merge branch 'xupdate' into stable (nao-pon)
  • 3bbb233: Merge branch 'xupdate' into stable (nao-pon)
  • b224632: Merge branch 'xupdate' into stable (nao-pon)
  • 78beba8: Merge branch 'xupdate' into stable (nao-pon)
  • f62539d: Merge branch 'xupdate' into stable (nao-pon)
  • 8240d86: Merge branch 'CorePack' into stable (nao-pon)
  • 545fbf9: [user] fix csv data import function (nao-pon)
    • user モジュールの一括登録のバグ修正
  • UTF-8 日本語環境で Shift-JIS に存在しない文字が処理できない問題の修正
  • ユーザーデータに改行が含まれる場合に正常にインポートできない問題を修正

    日本語環境下では、UTF-8(BOM付)にて CSV ファイルを出力するようにした。

    改行問題は、 fgetcsv() を使い処理を行うようにした。

  • 8af3477: Merge branch 'xupdate' into stable (nao-pon)
    • Conflicts:
  • b0adb4a: Merge branch 'xupdate' into stable (nao-pon)
  • ffd8936: Merge branch 'CorePack' into stable (nao-pon)
  • aaf9615: Merge pull request #37 from nao-pon/template_resource (HIKAWA Kilica)
    • configurable "Template resource"
  • 6b02210: Merge pull request #48 from nao-pon/xoopscube_mailer_patch (HIKAWA Kilica)
    • fix send mail with safe mode (phpmailer patch)
  • ed95cb6: Merge pull request #61 from nao-pon/fix_user_csv (HIKAWA Kilica)
    • [user] fix csv data import function
  • c7f5556: Merge pull request #62 from nao-pon/re.#_3492904 (HIKAWA Kilica)
    • Fix Bug #3492904 - Error Message after Profile edit
  • 80b89e7: Merge pull request #71 from nao-pon/fix_criteria (HIKAWA Kilica)
    • fix compatibility of criteria "IN", "NOT IN"
  • f63d1b5: [xupdate] add mod_config "parallel_fetch_max" & output logfile on fetch (nao-pon)
    • モジュール設定に "parallel_fetch_max"(ストアデータ取得時の同時接続数) を追加。

      「デバグ出力を表示する」が有効の場合に、HTTP(S) でのデータ取得時のログをファイル (XOOPS_URL_Func_debug.log)


      curl_multi の動作を調整。
  • bf4e72d: X-update version 0.39 (nao-pon)
  • 834a316: [xupdate] for 'parallel_fetch_max' is invalid (nao-pon)
  • 918047f: Merge branch 'xupdate' into CorePack (nao-pon)
  • 7162eb4: Merge branch 'xupdate' into stable (nao-pon)
  • 49cd808: Merge branch 'xoopscube' into CorePack (nao-pon)
  • 8f3b59d: [CorePack] version `CorePack 20130224` (nao-pon)
  • 5739fe2: Merge branch 'CorePack' into stable (nao-pon)

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