Tue 14 May 2013

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  • 0937e7f: Fix Strict Standard Notices (HIKAWA Kilica)
  • 891482e: Fix Strict Standard Notices (HIKAWA Kilica)
  • b84e977: [xupdate] bundle cacert.pem & use (nao-pon)
    • got cacert.pem from http://curl.haxx.se/ca/cacert.pem
      curl_setopt :
      curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_CAINFO,
      curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, true);
      curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST, 2));
      on Xupdate_Utils::setupCurlSsl().~
  • f9c72ed: [xupdate] fix Xupdate_Utils::setupCurlSsl() `||` to `&&` (nao-pon)
  • 1413584: Remove static keyword for backward compatibility (HIKAWA Kilica)
  • 0b41ac7: [CorePack] CorePack version "CorePack 20130503" (nao-pon)
  • 9dc85a4: [X-update] remove debugging code (oops!) (nao-pon)
  • b7a70c8: [X-update] version 0.47 (nao-pon)
  • 703d55d: [X-update] code clean up (nao-pon)
  • 47df2e4: [X-update] fix remove working dir (nao-pon)
    • アーカイブ解凍ディレクトリ(トップディレクトリのみ)が残ってしまう問題の修正。
  • 1b39ef1: [X-update] do not chdir (it was needless) (nao-pon)
  • 5942e05: [X-update] remove needless file (FtpCommonZipArchive.class.php) (nao-pon)
  • 5e5772e: [X-update] Version 0.48 (nao-pon)
  • 224b1ea: [altsys] checking of HTML editor installed (nao-pon)
    • Other modules can be checking HTML editor installed.


      if (defined('XOOPS_CUBE_LEGACY')) {
          @ include_once XOOPS_TRUST_PATH . '/libs/altsys/class/altsysUtils.class.php';
          if (XC_CLASS_EXISTS('altsysUtils') && is_callable('altsysUtils::isInstalledXclHtmleditor')) {
              if (altsysUtils::isInstalledXclHtmleditor()) {
                  // case of installed HTML Editor
              } else {
                  // case of NOT installed HTML Editor
  • b16e63f: [altsys] Version 0.81 (nao-pon)
  • f69e5fb: [X-update] fix "Protector detects site manipulation" on DirectMode (nao-pon)
  • aa7030d: [X-update] Version 0.49 (nao-pon)
  • b6cc350: [X-update] add module config 'curl_ssl_no_verify' (nao-pon)
    • cURL での SSL 接続時にホスト認証がエラーになってしまう環境向けに、ホスト認証をしないオプションを追加。
  • afd46a4: [X-update] show Error when downloading failed (nao-pon)
  • 8630ee8: [X-update] typo (upset judgement) (nao-pon)
  • 0607808: [X-update] output content handling in Func object (nao-pon)
  • debbfa7: [X-update] Version 0.50 (nao-pon)
  • 202b884: [X-update] fix unzip extract function (nao-pon)
  • 4e2cb74: [x-update] fix _cleanup() function (nao-pon)
  • 074b04b: [X-update] correction of unzip function (nao-pon)
  • d127e29: [X-update] clean up (nao-pon)
  • b1b4b7b: [X-update] Version 0.51 (nao-pon)
  • db5a034: [X-update] fix easy miss (unlink -> rmdir) on FtpCommonFunc::_cleanup (nao-pon)
  • df1ff7f: [X-update] fix Xupdate_FtpCommonFunc::_cleanup() (nao-pon)
  • 6ce0e83: [X-update] changes to the module update after the file uploaded (nao-pon)
  • e75a0eb: [X-update] changes to the module install after the file uploaded (New) (nao-pon)
  • 8efe3d6: [X-update] show Error output in (unzip|tar) command (nao-pon)
  • da8768d: [X-update] check mkdir on temp_path, if impossible do as "safemode" (nao-pon)
  • da6c936: Update README.md (Naoki Sawada)
  • 9e0da54: Update README.md (Naoki Sawada)
  • 6c1e578: [X-update] version 0.52 (nao-pon)
  • 1f166e6: Merge branch 'xupdate' into CorePack (nao-pon)
  • 9bad33e: [X-update] fix censor of detailed_version (nao-pon)
    • detailed_version が新設された場合に、要アップデートを検知できない問題の修正。
  • e4c849e: [X-update] Version 0.53 (nao-pon)
  • 4bdf5e1: Revert "[X-update] Version 0.53" (nao-pon)
    • This reverts commit e4c849ecda6a40074ad77c81551efcd42f38254a.
  • f5def11: [X-update] re-fix censor of detailed_version (nao-pon)
  • b16e8d2: #76 Static keywords backward compatibility (HIKAWA Kilica)
  • 75d8c0a: [X-update] version 0.53 (nao-pon)
  • 10dd029: [CorePack] CorePack version "CorePack 20130513" (nao-pon)

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