Mon 27 Jul 2015

XOOPS X(ten) 2015712 リリース anchor.png

今回は、PHP 7 対応(まだ完璧ではないが、基本動作は問題はない)と PHPMailer ライブラリの 5.2.10 へのバージョンアップ、日本語環境での xoopsmailerlocal.php の脆弱性修正などが含まれています。

xoopsmailerlocal.php の脆弱性については下記リンク先を参照してください。

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  • 07c8771: [legacy] fix editing miss at #e98cd27fff48bde3c6c520135819ad921227fa27 (nao-pon)
  • fb100b7: [legacy] fix forgot `static` keyword (nao-pon)
  • 856a957: [CorePack] corepack(pilot) version 20150425.0429 (nao-pon)
  • 310fa0c: [errorhandler] support E_DEPRECATED, E_STRICT, E_ERROR & smart results (nao-pon)
  • 77f80ff: add `public static` keyword to Legacy_EventFunction class functions (nao-pon)
  • b14b87d: {CorePack] corepack(pilot) version 20150425.0501 (nao-pon)
  • 05c66af: fix WARNING: Declaration of Legacy_PreferenceEditForm::prepare() (nao-pon)
    • should be compatible with XCube_ActionForm::prepare()
  • 6ee5ef8: [CorePack] corepack(pilot) version 20150425.0502 (nao-pon)
  • 280f173: [legacy] correction of updater, uninstaller for X2 style custom one (nao-pon)
  • 402645b: [CorePace] corepack version 20150425.0503 (nao-pon)
  • 44bc3ed: [kernel] fix NOTICE: Only variables should be passed by reference (nao-pon)
    • in html/kernel/block.php on line 186
  • 9e4418d: [CorePack] corepack(pilot) version 20150425.0509 (nao-pon)
  • 61bd443: [legacyRender] set default jQuery lib version 1.8.x (nao-pon)
  • 2bd77e9: use XOOPS_DB_TYPE 'mysqli' when not support 'mysql' (nao-pon)
  • 88eef65: Revert "use XOOPS_DB_TYPE 'mysqli' when not support 'mysql'" (nao-pon)
    • This reverts commit 2bd77e9e28ebabe43dd1863ad218611e0d945b86.
  • 83dbd7c: [installer] correction for PHP 7 (nao-pon)
  • 8ae2eb7: correction of batch job (fix view with Chrome) and load module.css (nao-pon)
  • c73537e: X-update version 0.71.0 (nao-pon)
  • 2859fc3: fix xoopscube/altsys#2 slow query in D3NotificationHandler (nao-pon)
  • 3b97d8a: [altsys] version 0.82.4 (nao-pon)
  • bbeb2bb: [xoopsmailerlocal] filtering by `secureHeader` at function addrFormat() (nao-pon)
  • 3bfef36: [xoopsmailerlocal] filtering by `secureHeader` at function addrFormat() (nao-pon)
  • b1120b2: [class/mail] update PHPMailer to 5.2.10 (nao-pon)
  • a2fb2b2: [CorePack] corepack version 20150425.0712 (nao-pon)
  • 72e3566: [CorePack] version `CorePack 20150712` (nao-pon)

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