Sun 26 Mar 2017

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  • b00e168: fix #4 support to IPv6 (nao-pon)
  • 61b53bf: [protector] CS fix with `php-cs-fixer fix . --level=psr2` (nao-pon)
  • ad73457: [protector] version 3.51.5 (nao-pon)
  • b3a7370: [protector] version 3.52.0 (nao-pon)
  • 8481f57: [admin:badIP] remove "-2147483647" that mean infinite (nao-pon)
  • e7273b1: protector version 3.52.1 (nao-pon)
  • 2a3efc2: fixed compatibility between encrypt() and decrypt() using openssl extension. (Yoshihiro OKUMURA)
  • 21e4621: [XCube_Utils] Fix encrypt/decrypt to DES-ECB (Naoki Sawada)
    • Also compatibility problem fixed.
  • 27a4aeb: [XCube_Utils] cotrrection for PHP<5.4 of `decrypt()` (Naoki Sawada)
    • PHP < 5.4.0 can not use `OPENSSL_ZERO_PADDING`
  • 3b17a57: [CorePack] corepack version 20170326 (nao-pon)

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