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XOOPS X(ten) 20180208 リリース :: XOOPS Cube日本サイト


Thu 8 Feb 2018

XOOPS X(ten) 20180208 リリース anchor.png[6]

Smarty ライブラリのバージョンアップと PHP 7.2 対応と MySQL 5.6, 5.7 対応などが盛り込まれています。

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更新内容 anchor.png[7]

  • 93206c0[21]: [protector] version 3.52.2 (nao-pon)
  • 2832b47[22]: Exporting mysql errors to httpd error log file (Kujiy)
    • You can track your mysql query errors with your apache error log file when you set `XOOPS_MYSQL_ERROR_LOG` in your config.

      Please insert this line below into your config.php.

      define("XOOPS_MYSQL_ERROR_LOG", 1); // Export mysql query errors into your httpd error log
  • d32a9eb[23]: [legacy:Legacy_TextFilter] un-use `create_function()` (nao-pon)
  • 1929793[24]: [user] fix constant name of config title of "notify_method" (nao-pon)
  • f1d8742[25]: [CorePack] CorePack version "20170414.171025" (pilot) (nao-pon)
  • 7556e90[26]: [libs:smarty] update to Smarty 2.6.31 (nao-pon)
  • 68aafb2[27]: [CorePack] corepack version 20170414.171103 (pilot) (nao-pon)
  • df025b0[28]: Fix strong tag (Hiroshi Shirosaki)
  • 5006c11[29]: Fix for PHP 7.x (Hiroshi Shirosaki)
    • __construct for class
    • use static function for call_user_func_array
    • call inval to convert string to int
    • use utf-8 encoding for php source
  • 3c07e43[30]: Add old style constructor for old modules (Hiroshi Shirosaki)
  • b00b72d[31]: [CorePack] corepack (pilot) version 20170414.171228 (nao-pon)
  • f0dcbba[32]: [preload] fox notice error of debugOnlyAdmin (nao-pon)
  • acecdbe[33]: Suppress constructer warnings for php 7.x (#85) (Hiroshi Shirosaki)
    • Constructer fixes for kernel and module legacy.
  • ddc7e8e[34]: [CorePack] corepack (pilot) version 20170414.171228 (Naoki Sawada)
  • fbb56b1[35]: add store ini options `rename_item` and `addon_url_*` (nao-pon)
    • `rename_item` : array of rename items on install
         rename_item[] = "From path|To path"
      `addon_url_*` : each addon_url by * = XOOPS _CHARSET to lowercase and remove "-", "_"
         addon_url_eucjp = "Addon URL for EUC-JP"
  • 6c8ce03[36]: X-update version 0.73.0 (nao-pon)
  • 73b47aa[37]: `__construct()` first to fix "Strict standards: Redefining already defined constructor" (nao-pon)
  • f2b5687[38]: CorePack(pilot) vresion "20170414.180126" (nao-pon)
  • 58f3bf4[39]: make delegate point of "Legacy.Admin.Event.ModulePreference.[ModuleDirname].Success" and "Legacy.Admin.Event.ModulePreference.Success" (nao-pon)
  • 7f5b369[40]: bugfix of delegate name of "Legacy.Admin.Event.ModuleUpdate.[ModuleDirename].(Success|Fail)" (nao-pon)
  • caa3311[41]: [CorePack] corepack version "20170414.180131" (pilot) (nao-pon)
  • 0f30761[42]: [xupdate] version 0.74.0 add a config "disabled_items" (nao-pon)
  • 0a80559[43]: [CorePack] corepack version 20180208 (nao-pon)

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